Yo Doc.Good to hear from you... I listened to your project, sounds like you getting ready to bust loose!” - Nick Colionne

***Jazz Great/Guitarist***

Hey man,I'm listening to your cd. Sound pretty funky, nice work!! Keep makin' the funky jams!!” - Jeff Lorber

***Jazz Great/Keyboardist***

Felix Langford comes on like a smooth-jazz Moby.That's not to say Langford is a techno raver seeking pop hits; rather he's a one-man band creating a full sound all by himself.At it's base, Langford's style follows the soft-fusion template of grooves apropos of late-night drives and penthouse trysts with strawberry chocolate fondue.A closer listen reveals Langford's love for the technology he uses to produce all that mellowness. Like mid-'80s electro hip-hop,curious percussive fills pop into empty spaces.The title track goes so far as to sound like Paul Hardcastle's stab at the most severe Brazilian break-dancing jam ever. With a little brighter studio mastering, Langford will be sharing playlists with Najee and The Yellowjackets in no time.” - Jamie Lee Rake

*********Shepherd Express

Featured in the Emerging Artist Series on November 1st,2009!!! ”

*****Airplay-Coast to Coast Am with George Noory

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